Harlem Roots is an online learning platform providing highly interactive and fun courses on the history of Harlem for students (and adults). Learn more about us.

About Harlem Roots

We needed a way to continue teaching Harlem history outside of our walking tours and include the lessons not being taught in schools. So, we created Harlem Roots.

“A people without knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.” Marcus Garvey

Harlem Roots is an online educational resource providing lessons on the people, places, and events of interest to the history of Harlem. As the educational arm of Welcome to Harlem, Harlem Roots delivers concise and engaging history and culture lessons for both children and adults.

Our Mission

To bring the history of Harlem’s cultural curriculum to young students and parents everywhere.
We aim to enlighten kids about the rich multi-cultural history of Harlem, from its past as a sleepy Dutch village to the Black Mecca of the world.

Our Story

As Welcome to Harlem, we’ve provided walking tours to students since 2004. To help our students have a more fruitful experience, we started creating easy-to-read lessons, which got a great response from students and teachers alike.

Expanding to online lessons was a natural progression. Using our experience and knowledge about Harlem, we created a fun virtual teaching platform for students to get more out of their Harlem experiences. This allows us to provide 24/7 access to virtual and in-person learning experiences for students and parents.

Empowering our youths through knowledge

The Harlem Roots Lessons
There are four (4) main lessons, each delivered based on the grade level from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Each lesson is highly interactive and includes a variety of activities to keep kids engaged while they learn. These activities include mix/match, true/false, fill in the blanks, puzzles, vocabulary, infographics, reading lessons, word search, and much more.

A dedication to serving our youth
Our lessons are extremely affordable to allow access to a wider cross-section of children, starting at only $4.50. Our group subscription plans enable teachers and parents to provide access to more students. Plus, they can take advantage of special offers for free and reduced rates for walking tours and jazz concerts with Welcome to Harlem.

Get Your First Lesson

Our promise to you is highly interactive and fun courses on the history of Harlem. Subscribe to our subscription plan or order your first stand-alone lesson today.

Harlem Roots is a subsidiary of Welcome to Harlem, a locally-owned boutique walking tour company that focuses on the rich history and cultural diversity of Harlem. Formed in 2004, it has gradually expanded to include Harlem Jazz Boxx and Harlem Roots.