Traverse Harlem, learn its personalities, and play your way to greatness with the one-of-a-kind Harlem Renaissance Edition board game.
Harlem Renaissance Edition Board Game is the unique board game that takes you through the beauty and history of the Harlem Renaissance while delivering fun for the entire family.

About Harlem Renaissance Edition Board Game

Imagine walking through Harlem at the height of the Renaissance. Where you meet those famous personalities you only read about in the history books. Or visit the fantastic landmarks that remain today. While you plot, twist, and turn to get the most most St. Clair dollars (a currency with an epic story behind it) to finish out the game. That’s Harlem-Opoly, a fun yet educational board game with many twists. Will you succeed in learning the most and gaining supremacy on all that’s Harlem? Or will it be all fun and games until you go to ‘Jail’.

Our Story

We’re just Harlem fans who believe in the power of our history in shaping our future. From Harlem walking tours to digital resources, we want to bring our Harlem Heritage to life. Learn more about us and why we love our Harlem Roots.

More Harlem Roots

Increase your Harlem knowledge and become among the greatest to play the game. Our Harlem Roots resource is perfect for kids and adults to learn more about everything and everyone in the Harlem Renaissance period.

Fall In Love With Harlem

Order your Harlem-Opoly board game and get ready for fun-filled days and nights as you explore the streets and history of Harlem.

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